Sessions 2012

We surveyed you, the owners of businesses and nonprofits, to find out what information you need most. You responded with questions about about  marketing;  finding money; using social media; and handling leadership, whether you’re a sole proprietor or major employer. BizConNH is here with answers. You do not have to select your sessions in advance. Your ticket entitles you to general admission to any three sessions as long as space is available.

You Have to be a Little Nutty to be an Entrepreneur

Starting a business can be very fulfilling; however, it often does not come easy.  It often comes with many hurdles and challenges, both financial and emotional.  Spend some time with someone who has started several organizations, been instrumental in purchasing many companies and has grown to be in acquisition mode.  In addition, learn how being social entrepreneur and philanthropic can also help lead your company down a profitable path.

This will be a highly interactive session where participants can learn  and ask questions about starting and running a successful business.

Speaker: Steven Ryder

Web, Mobile, Social Technology – Are You Connecting the Dots to Leverage Your Brand?

You want to stay connected to your customers—but the way you connect has changed! How do you and your company keep up? What must you do for your brand to stand out?

With technology growing at exponential rates it’s important to understand the rules of this new game and how to connect the dots.  Find out how combining web, mobile and social technologies can create a synergy of influence to help your business grow.

In this session we will begin with a brief but important review of branding. Next you will learn the critical steps to leverage your brand in the web – mobile – social arena. With a simple blueprint during the session you will be able to identify where you stand and create an action plan. You will also receive resources that will enable you to get started immediately.

Speaker: Pamela Gleeson

Secrets of Top Performers

Matt Mowry has spent the past 12 years interviewing the top executives in the state about their best practices and how they have led their companies to success. Find out the traits these top performers share and the innovative practices they have put into place to succeed that can help move your business forward.

Speaker: Matt Mowry, Keynote Speaker

Running Meetings Everyone Loves: In Person, Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing

Wonderful meetings come about through planning, organization, and managing what happens during the meeting. This interactive session will help you diagnose and remedy the meetings that you lead and that you attend. We will cover traditional in person meetings, teleconferences, and videoconferences.

Speaker: Annamarie Pluhar

Making the Most of Your Advertising Dollars

Advertising and marketing are investments in the future of your business and critical strategies to get your message to potential customers. This workshop focuses on making wise choices with advertising dollars to maximize your return on investment.  We will offer recommendations for finding affordable advertising options and stretching a limited ad budget for maximum benefit.

Participants will leave with strategies to develop an advertising budget, an advertising plan and grow their businesses. We’ll look at components of an effectively designed ad and the value of frequency, reach and impact on the success of an ad campaign, and we’ll provide tips and tools to maximize that value.

Speaker: Heather McKernan

Smart Sponsors: How Leaders Can Ensure Project Success

As a business owner, non-profit director or manager, you approve projects for your organization. But you also “sponsor” projects. Learn the techniques used by Smart Sponsors to ensure successful projects in organizations. This overview session explains how to:

  • Identify a project’s sponsor
  • Choose the right projects and prioritize them
  • Manage your project portfolio as an investment
  • Work effectively with project managers
Speaker: Lisa Sieverts

Small Business and the Family Affair

Many businesses are family affairs with spouses, siblings or parent and child working together. Perhaps the business is set up using money borrowed from family members. Learn from someone who’s been there how to prepare yourself for the risks, challenges and rewards.

Speaker: George Sterling

Workplace Leadership: Getting Everybody on the Same Page

As soon as you hire one employee, you begin adjusting to another personality. For your business or nonprofit to succeed, you and your employees have to work together toward the same goals. This workshop explores different personality types, how they interrelate, what motivates them and what their differences contribute to your organization.

Speaker: Cynthia L. Stuart

Put Your Business in the Palm of Their Hands: The Secrets of Mobile Marketing

Discover what all the “buzz” is about and how you can use Mobile Marketing to get more clients and customers. This workshop explains:

  • The 5 pillars of mobile marketing; how to reach the top of Google’s “mobile search”
  • how to use the “mobile internet” to get leads for your business
  • The big 3 of mobile marketing, including QR codes
  • How to tie mobile marketing to all of your other marketing

Don’t be left behind!

Speakers: Joanne Randall, Mike Dolpies

How to Accelerate Your Business in 2012 through Metrics and Planning

Forget economic stability. Our current financial market conditions are going to continue until at least 2013 and maybe even 2014. Join me for detailed, revenue-improving ideas and planning methods designed specifically for growth-directed business owners and CEOs.

Learn what is currently working and what is not working in today’s economy.

Speaker: Walter Wise

Time Is Money: Are You Spending Yours Wisely?

This interactive workshop helps you harness the power of your most precious commodity: time.  Find out about the productivity tools that will help you classify, and schedule items on your to-do list, creating an executable plan.  Remember:  Plan the Work and Work the Plan. Planning is sometimes easy; execution…not so much.  Bring your current list!

Speaker: Paula Mathews

Who’s Afraid of the Internet? Staying Safe in the Digital World

Desktop, laptop, smartphone–the devices  we use to access  the Internet increase day by day.  If you are worried about people stealing your identity, plagiarizing your content, hacking into your files or corrupting your data, this workshop will give you practical advice on safely navigating the digital world.

Speaker: Tom Strickland

The Search for Money: Commercial and Nonprofit Experts Relate “Lessons Learned”

For the small business in need of capital, a  panel of three experts offers practical advice so that you can increase your probability of success. Bob Edwards from Connecticut River Bank, Jillian Garcia from Hannah Grimes and John Hamilton from Community Loan Fund share stories and lessons learned based on having made loans and partnered with a variety of businesses and nonprofits.  These insights will be relevant for  everyone, from those that are just starting up to the well established and from the self-employed business owner to the high margin manufacturer.  A Q&A session will follow.

Speakers: Robert Edwards, James Key-Wallace, Jillian Garcia

Building WordPress Websites: Tips and Tricks from the Field

WordPress is the world’s most popular web content management platform. Its ease of use and best-in-class blogging features make it the perfect solution for 99% of the websites out there. Mike Hoefer will share tips, tricks and some of the plugins he uses to help many Monadnock area businesses and organizations to communicate and market themselves on the web.

Speaker: Mike Hoefer

Marketing Is a Marathon

Social media gets lots of attention and rightly so. You can carve out a few minutes each week to make a post to Facebook, join a LinkedIn discussion or update your blog. Other than your time, the effort is free. But social media is not enough.

An effective marketing plan includes everything you do to reach your target audience: tradeshows, advertising, direct marketing, Internet marketing, events, public relations, strategic partnerships or networking. Use a mix of these tools and you will see an increase in awareness of your products and services, so when someone is needs what you have, they already know you’re there. An effective marketing plan is integrated, using several vehicles, not just one and not just for a week or a month or six months.

Speaker: Annie Card

Write To Sell

Clear and exciting language drives customers to buy. Every business owner needs marketing collateral: website content, brochures, newsletters, blogs, press releases, success stories and proposals. Write to Sell shares practical writing tricks and tips that will help you sell your products and services on paper and on the web.

The writing process is broken down into easy steps that you can apply immediately to your own marketing materials. When people understand what you can do for them, they turn from prospects into customers.

Speaker: Sharon Bailly