Create your new customers today!

Create Your Customers by showing them what they need – Be a resource!

Stop Selling to your customers.

By fulfilling the needs of your prospects, you will soon “make” them into your new customers.
Create a “needs based” plan for selling.  Once you’ve engaged with your lead, whether by phone, in-person or through networking, determine the emotion that is driving that lead to your business.

Repeat the message back to the prospect to be sure you are hearing the right emotional message….that message will tell you their need.
Then provide the solution…be the resource.  Once you’ve determined the need you can offer the product…YOU, Your Service, Your Product.

How do you know what a Customer needs?

Use these Steps:

  • Find out the Information
  • Create an Understanding
  • Provide Clarification
  • Give them Advice
  • Offer Assistance
  • Always give Reassurance
  • Help with the Transaction itself

Have a system of selling.
Have Structure to what you do.
Have Substance in how you do it.
Use Scripts – Select words & how you say it.

It’s Not a Sale, it’s a Relationship!

Keep that relationship by delivering on your promise to fulfill your customer’s needs with quality through your products and services.

Achieve Quality by:

  • Appealing to customers’ unconscious needs
  • Promising to satisfy those needs
  • Delivering exactly what you promise
  • Exceeding customers’ expectations

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