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How Do You Differentiate Yourself from the Competition?

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace where products and pricing look alike, remember that often times the only difference is you – how you manage a call, how well you assess the buyer’s situation, how well you apply your products and solutions to the buyer’s needs, and what kind of impression you build along the way.

So how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd, articulate value, and capture a greater market share? Invest time in these three areas:

1. Focus on highly investigative questions – the more accurately you understand the client’s situation, the better you will provide the exact solution they are looking for the first time. For example: Help me understand how I can be most helpful to you?
2. Prove that you heard them and don’t waste their time. In competitive environments, buyers have very little tolerance or patience for having their time wasted – don’t make the mistake of an off-the-shelf sales presentation; focus your time and energy on solving the needs and expand only if applicable. Relevance is the key to long-term success when the market gets tight. You bring value, you get to stay.
3. Be an expert and sharpen your sword. Increase your value perception by bringing targeted expertise to the table. Think on your client’s behalf. Be innovative. What can you do to help them meet their business objectives this year that they may not have thought of – a new idea, a new product, a new approach, a new application of your solutions? Sharpen your sword with exceptional sales skills –know your stuff and understand how to manage the sales conversation flawlessly.

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