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BizConNH 2011: More of What You Need Most

Welcome to BizConNH — New Hampshire’s Business Connector!

In late 2008, a number of our members, led by Sequoya Technologies’ owner Tom Strickland, first began talking about promoting better B2B (business-to-business) networking opportunities for our members. In 2010, we launched BizConNH, a Business Connector where new and established businesses and the people behind them could connect for mutual success. Time and again, the attendees—over 135 business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and employees—stopped to congratulate the Chamber on this well organized, inspirational and educational event. So in 2011, we’re doing it again!

So, what is BizConNH? Yes, part of it is a traditional expo, with dozens of B2B vendors primed to make a deal on their goods and services. BUT, it is much, much more:

As executive director of the Greater Peterborough (NH) Chamber of Commerce, it’s my pleasure to welcome you both to this blog and to this event.

This is the second year for BizConNH and we’ve lined up new speakers, exciting table talks, networking opportunities, new exhibitors and the Café Sequoya (free coffee and snacks in the exhibit area).

BizConNH has grown to include participants from throughout the state — not just the Monadnock Region — and beyond.

  • Your choice of four from among 24 workshops, where you can energize your business and yourself.
  • Informal “table talks” for up-close-and-personal interactions with our specially selected presenters and other attendees.
  • A not-to-be-missed keynote address
  • A $20 discount on new and renewed membership in the Greater Peterborough Chamber
  • Oh, and did we mention a great free lunch and lots of other networking opportunities?
  • And that it’s easy to get to and there’s plenty of free parking?

In short, for a great price, this will be a great day all about growth: business growth and personal growth.

Please look me up when you get there — I’d love to hear your story!
Jack Burnett

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When Good Writing Goes Bad

Good writing is clear writing. If you clearly tell your customers that you can solve or prevent their problems, they want to find out more. Clearly written websites, brochures, newsletters, blogs, user manuals—all your written materials—are a gift to your customers that they repay by buying your product or service.

Good writing goes bad when your message is:
• All written down—but doesn’t speak to the customer. Customers want to know immediately, “What’s the benefit to me?”
• All written down—but doesn’t make sense. Customers become frustrated when a document is inconsistent or outdated or lacks any logical order.
• All written down—but isn’t news. Every company in the world boasts about great customer service and high quality. At the very least, tell customers what you mean by great customer service and how you measure quality.
• All written down—but never stops. Dense pages of text overwhelm customers. You want to give them a reason to call, email or walk in the door for more information.
• All written down—but hidden deep in the middle or end. Readers won’t hunt for your message. They want answers fast.
• All written down—mostly. Your most knowledgeable readers still know less than you do about your product or service. Missing information frustrates them. Beware any time you catch yourself thinking: “Everyone knows that.”

Painful as it is to admit, if customers fail to understand what you’re telling them about your product or service, the fault probably lies in the writing. The average customer is looking for clear answers and hasn’t a clue where to find them. Help them find what they want at your company. For practical, easy to implement tips on clear writing, come to Write to Sell at BizConNH. See you there!

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