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The Human Resources Factor in a Company’s Productivity, Profitability and Success

The quest for the right balance on addressing employee needs and business needs is ongoing. 

The first question employers often ask is, “Why bother? Does investing in my employees really make a difference in the success of my business?” Employers need employees and employees need employers. It’s a partnership. It’s about more than the money for employees. It’s about the rewards of using your talents and feeling satisfied, seeing the organization reach its goals, developing important relationships, providing a structure and, for many employees,  a place to live one’s purpose in life, to name a few.

The second question employers ask is “What’s important for employees?” Employees may appreciate programs and bonuses but the returns on those are short lived. What really matters to employees is the work culture and climate that is established and expected from the top down. 

The goal is not to make employees happy but to create a work environment that is positive and respectful of the employees’ knowledge, skills, and intelligence.  It is about trust: trust that the employees want to do their best. It is about the employer asking employees what resources they need to help themselves and the organization be successful.

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